New series




11 January 2022

Here’s the latest: I’m polishing the last chapters of book 1, and off it goes to my lovely beta readers. Fingers crossed, it will hit the digital shelves in March 2022. Book 2 should follow shortly. The prequel is no longer a prequel but a book in its own right. Two massive books, in fact, which are focused on one epic love story.

What else? The new series won’t be as dark as my previous books. More humour. More romance. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Older updates below…

23 April 2021

In case you’re wondering if I’m still alive and writing, the answer to both is yes! The new series in progress is doing well. To date, I have four FIVE (!) books (including a prequel, which was supposed to be around 15K words and guess what happened… it’s now 40K+) The whole series is 260-270K words in total so far! (and counting)

That’s a lot of words written around the edges of my days (i.e. wee hours in the morning, lunchbreaks etc). This is why I disappeared, well, this and demands of motherhood and making a living in general 🙂

The other reason is that I found it hard to write one book in a series and then release it and then write another. Even though it takes longer, I believe it will be better for me to have all the books done and dusted and then release them – so you don’t have to wait a year or so for another instalment. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

and yes, this image is a part of the cover for the prequel. Intrigued?

Anyhow, I hope you’re doing well, wherever you are. The pandemic re-shaped our lives in unimaginable ways, no exceptions. I hope you stayed safe and healthy.

April Update:

Still working like crazy on the series! Bear with me 🙂


16 June 2021

So the prequel is now 74k words (from 40K I mentioned back in April) , and counting. It could be that it will be a six-book series. Who knows. I don’t get much time to write, but when I do, I write like there’s no tomorrow.


03 August 2021

Here’s your proof 🙂 This screengrab is old by now, as I took it over a week and a half ago, but it should give you an idea. This is book 1&2 combined (I keep them together in one file as it’s easier to edit them). They’ll end up around 60k words each, perhaps more.

So, yes.

It IS happening…