This book has it all, paranormal world with lots of romance with some seriously well hidden twists that are developed beautifully. I was glued to my book the entire time.

Ramona Plant, Goodreads

A girl of fire should never fall for a man of ice.

When Lyvie accepts a silly bet to kiss a random Reviver in the Tower of Whims, she doesn’t know the first thing about men. Then she chances upon one who becomes her obsession.
Only she couldn’t have chosen worse.
In hot pursuit of a man as handsome as he is cold, she abandons her best friend and ignores mounting perils in her new chapel, ultimately sacrificing her pride to secure his attention. Blinded by infatuation, she overlooks a Reviver who undertakes to mend her life before it unravels completely… whose unstinting aid goes far beyond friendship.
Navigating the twisted path of desire, Lyvie soon discovers that in the glamorous Tower of Whims, people obey only one law – that of attraction. And one rule.
That there are no rules.

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