Reviver Amond | A Prequel to Incanta

Reviver Amond | A Prequel to Incanta
Series: Lost Souls, Book 1.5
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publication Year: 2016
Length: Novella

A principled man faces the biggest temptation of his life.

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About the Book


Some women call me a cold bastard, but not to my face.

They are half wrong. Men like me are born in the twilight, live in the shadow, and die in darkness. I have no destiny, save for repaying the debt we owe to the Daemons. This is not to say I am cold – only principled…

Forced into a bitter dismissal of his debauched Incanta, Reviver Amond grudgingly sets out to find another, but his cynicism cracks as he chances upon an innocent girl with a pure voice.

His luck, however, is tinged with misfortune.

Reviver Grym, his corrupt, sworn enemy is also hell-bent on winning the girl called Cytriah. Amidst the fierce rivalry that breaks out between them, Amond’s orderly world disintegrates into an appalling revelation: Grym is hardly a threat to Cytriah.

The worst could happen if Cytriah ended up in his own hands…

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