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At school, I busied myself with drawing comics about escaping school. It wasn’t an option, of course.

So I’d escape into reading. My first reads were pure fantasy: fairytales. I’ve always preferred those dark and ambiguous ones (obliged forever, Mr Andersen). I also devoured the myths from around the world and pretty much anything with a fantasy element in it – the darker the better. I used to be into a lot of manga (going from shoujo to slice of life in the process. But still re-reading Happy Mania on occasion) and anime (happily switching between Sailor Moon and GITS/Evangelion. Because eclectic taste is still a taste. This is why I’m not talking about my musical taste).

I never thought I’d write, but creating living and breathing dark worlds was too much of a temptation. So I write.

I live in a seaside town on the south coast of England.